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Transformers have been very popular among kids, and the recent standalone Bumblebee movie has made the franchise all the more kid-centric. When it comes to transformers action toys, kids go crazy about them. But because of the high demand, there are many sellers who are selling fake transformers action figures that are fragile and break easily. When you buy transformers action figures from Prize Toy Store, know that you are getting the best quality toys at the most affordable price.

Transformers have come a long way, starting in the comics and making their way to kids cartoons, they now have a huge franchise with standalone character films. The most famous characters are Bumblebee, Star Scream, Sentinel Prime, Megatron, and everyone’s favorite, Optimus Prime. These action figures could be the perfect gift for your little loved one; whether it’s his birthday or Christmas, your kid will definitely want Optimus Prime as an action Figure.

Children have a vivid imagination, and with action figures, they can recreate scenes from the cartoon or movies and play along with their action figures. The more life-like the action figure will be, the more joy it will bring to your kids.

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