Dragon Ball Goku


Dragon Ball – Goku Action Figure

A blast from the past, Dragon Ball Z brought to life. This is something that we dreamt of back when we were kids. Nostalgia at it’s best, its as if we’ve went back in time once again. It’s as if we’re kids again. Goku has always been a fan favorite. Even now after having watched so many anime. I’m pretty sure Goku’s our favorite character. From getting ordered around by Bulma to getting trained by Master Roshi. Now, being a disciple of the strongest the Universe has to offer. Goku’s sure come a long way, now hasn’t he? He stands out compared to the rest of the Dragon Ball characters. I mean Vegeta is the only one who can stand next to him. The Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Figure right here is the character himself. The character brought right here in the real world. From that iconic pose, you can vision all those scenes Goku was in. All those episodes that he was featured in during the entirety of the anime. It also brings in mind all the other Dragon Ball characters that kept adding to the roster. This already looks like something everyone would love to get their hands on. But wait! That’s not all. We’ve always got something more to offer. There’s no Goku if there’s no Super Saiyan right? Now having achieved so many forms, it’s clear that he’s got a lot up his sleeve. Of course, taking into account those millions of attacks that he isn’t afraid to hit his foes with. The Dragon Ball Z Son Goku action figure has that Super Saiyan look as well. It makes the perfect two in one deal you could find on the internet. The Super Saiyan form never gets old. It was and still is one of, if not the best transformation in anime. I still remember how excited and hyped I was when I first saw it.

No other Dragon Ball character had that sick transformation in my opinion. Heck, even Frieza agrees with me on this one. He came across so many Dragon Ball characters. Traded blows with so many of them. But at the very end, it was Goku. It was Goku who was the last man standing. We’ve got a lot of Super Saiyans, I agree. But with Goku everything was so well done that it just stood above all. It just managed to steal the spotlight despite the anime featuring those transformations like a lot of episodes later. This Dragon Ball Z Son Goku action figure is the perfect way to remember all those adventures that the character had. That ‘Ready to kick everyone’s ass’ look going hand in hand with that chant. ‘Ka…Me…Ha….Me….’, just the best thing out there and never gets old. Being one of the strongest Dragon Ball characters, it’s normal for him. Plus, the Super Saiyan form is like a cherry on top cause it makes him go far beyond of what the others are capable of. It’s well detailed as if the Blu-Ray version of the anime character is screenshotted and printed in the form of a figure. Everything is copied perfectly and makes it the perfect thing for all the Dragon Ball fans out there. The signature Goku attire is still there, that orange and blue that never gets old. A lot of other Dragon Ball characters wear it as well after all. That’s some heavy clothing if you know what I mean. No? Recall his fight with Raditz. He and Piccolo sure know how to train hard and go all out. A perfect buy for all the Dragon Ball fans out there who grew up watching Goku fight all those guys over the years. He’s without a doubt the strongest among the Dragon Ball characters and a fan favorite for sure.