The Most Recommended Toys and Gifts

Games and toys benefit in developing the brain of a child. Often the simplest gifts are those that will make your children’s brains work the most. At Prize Toy online toy store in the USA, we have grouped toys or gifts for children into different categories based on the brain functions that they can promote.

Give your children countless hours of play, enjoyment, and intellectual, emotional, and social development. Check our recommendations and gear up to shop at the best online toy stores.

Toys That Allow Balancing And Integrating Primary Reflexes

For excellent psycho motor, intellectual, and emotional development, it is constructive that children integrate reflexes. Thus, swinging movements, rotating on your own back to the side, or being able to rotate on your head (cartwheel) is very positive for your development. Look for the following in our online toy store:

  • Swings.
  • A train or a rocking horse
  • Throwing games such as bowling
  • Skates that improve balance and coordination
  • Bicycles with or without wheels that allow you to develop coordination
  • Ball games such as balls or rackets that allow you to improve the psychomotor ability

Toys That Develop Excellent Motor Skills And Creativity

  • Strollers so that the child can move on the ground
  • Legos allow us to build, following instructions or free with the help of imagination and fine movements of the fingers
  • A case with colored pencils and scissors that allow the child to draw helping him to gain strength and ability in the hands
  • Playdough that allows kids to imagine, create and develop complex movements with their hands

Toys That Allow Language Development

Language development in children is highly related to the intelligence of adults. In general, all games that do not have batteries promote language development. Especially if they allow the child to interact with their parents positively or to develop roles as we will see a little later. Some games can promote vocabulary development. Shop now at the best online toy stores.

  • Wooden or plastic farms or animals that the child can know by name
  • Toys like Mr. Potato that help to learn body parts
  • Stories in which all kinds of situations and objects appear
  • Musical instruments such as a triangle, or maracas for singing songs, are very enriching for vocabulary development

Toys That Develop The Problem-Solving Capacity

  • Blocks that allow stacking each other and help the child understand relationships between weight, height, gravity, balance, etc.
  • Puzzles
  • Buildings
  • Card games or board cards with families allow the child to reason and make decisions. Take a look now

Toys For The Development Of Social Cognition

During the first years, symbolic play allows the child to begin to imagine a different repertoire of activities. Thus, develop their ability to understand others and relate socially. These toys can help:

  • Games that allow you to develop roles such as a kitchen or a store
  • Costumes since they allow you to interpret different characters with the help of your body and imagination
  • Dolls that allow you to develop all kinds of scenarios and social relationships
  • Games like who is who where you have to try to think what the other is thinking

Educational Toys

Educational toys serve to encourage boys and girls to develop a multitude of skills such as memory, attention, language, socialization, coordination, and motor skills. They do it playfully, so they are compelling reasons to buy educational toys from our online toy store.

Many times families ask what the best toys are for our little ones. We discovered that there are many options, adapted to different tastes and interests, and more suitable for different ages. Educational toys, if used attractively, can be a lot of fun for boys and girls. They will help them develop their skills along the way, being a good reason why give away educational toys.

  • Water toys and water games are exciting, as they provide many experiences for children and much encourage discovery through manipulation
  • Different types of paintings so that they can express and discover all their creativity
  • Playdough, costumes, stories, puppets
  • Puzzles and board games
  • Musical instruments


Whatever you give your children, make sure it comes loaded with time to play with you. Interaction with parents is the best gift for their intellectual and emotional development. Learn practical strategies to support your children’s brain development today through play and daily conversations! Take advantage of the offering at the best online toy store in the USA.

The Great Benefits Of Aroma Candles

Do you know the great benefits of buying aroma candles in your day to day? Today we present to you aroma candles with a difference, so you can enjoy more aroma and get the most out of it for your well-being. 

Get Aroma Paws Candles For Aromatherapy!

Yes, you got the hint! The use of aroma candles in Aromatherapy can significantly improve your mental health, affecting your physical health. Its effects will vary depending on the chosen aroma and its intensity and components. Therapy through candles stimulates the sense of smell. Take advantage of the favorable responses that the body emits to odors that are pleasant to us. The therapy improves ailments and deficiencies caused both externally and internally.

Choose Your Favorite Aroma Candle

Once you have chosen the setting that inspires you, the most, your favorite place, choose the aroma candles that you like the most. The ones that make you happy. Depending on the fragrance chosen, you will be able to obtain one or another advantage: sweet smells that invite you to have more calm and relaxing moments. Citrus and fruit trees give you energy or perhaps the floral ones that help you activate your natural positivity.

Choose A Good Rest Post

The effect of these aroma paws candles will have a more significant impact if your body’s posture and disposition accompanies it. Lying or sitting anywhere does not necessarily mean that you are resting. The reverse effect may even occur. Poor posture leads to contractures, strains, and severe muscle aches that can cause chronic damage. Therefore, finding the right position in the right place is key to achieving the optimal effect of Aromatherapy on our bodies.

Beds, sofas, even yoga mats, the variety to rest and meditate are as many as you feel comfortable. Disconnect from your environment and give yourself a moment to think about you and do what is right for you is essential for your balance.

Your aroma candle as a meditation complement is the key to creating your ideal environment. A unique and personal atmosphere that characterizes you and that takes you to enjoy your olfactory and sensorial moment of the day.

Why Buy Aroma Candles 

If you want to know which the best aroma candles are for you, we can only tell you that we are working to offer you a line of aroma paws candles designed for you. 

Enjoy your aromatherapy moment with top-quality Aroma Paws candles with a wide diffusion and duration so that it becomes the perfect complement to your special corner and take a little more care of yourself and yours.

Aroma Paws Candles: Benefits and Options

We do not need any reason to have an aroma candle in the living room, in the dining room, or any room of our home. At this point, the benefits they can bring us are well known. These candles not only incense our homes but also are capable of granting certain states of peace, now more necessary than ever.


The story goes that lighting a candle is a ceremonial symbol. In many cultures, beyond their purpose of enlightenment, mysticism and liturgy. In a way, aroma candles continue to serve the same function as then, and we continue to light them as if our acts were also part of a ritual. We light candles looking for peace and tranquility that we receive through its aromas. They will have something to have survived so many cultures and so many times.


Experience is everything, and aroma candles contain a multisensory effect that is difficult to overcome. They contain our personality, both visually through their designs, and olfactory, if we pay attention to their aromas. In the same way that we project our characteristics onto the candle, the candle projects its characteristics, causing us to have a variety of moods.

How To Choose The Perfect Aroma Candles

  • If you are looking for tranquility and well-being, we recommend lighting candles with citrus aromas, such as bergamot. 
  • Herbaceous, such as mint or rosemary, are also valid. 
  • Citrus, for example, is also optimal for use in offices, since its aromas harmonize and balance the mood and its woody base manages to transmit the stability we need. 
  • For an intimate atmosphere, ideal for romantic dates, we recommend aroma that conveys sensuality, such as clove and black pepper spices.

In short, aroma candles create an atmosphere, create a home, and create intimacy. Be sure to see our collection of Aroma Paws Candles, where you will find the ideal scents for you and your personality.

Build Your Transformers Force Today!

Transformers is one of the most acclaimed franchises by the public. Thanks to the Hasbro toy and action Figure Company, and Takara Tomy with Nobuyuki Okude, it had various adaptations from movies, series, comics, and video games. If you are a fanatic like us, do not stay out and collect Transformers Action Toys today.

Explore The Transformers Universe!

It is a world of constant change, where things are not what they seem where robots hide in plain sight, and everything is always – more than you think.

There are 10 Transformers series that you do not have to miss if you are a true fan of the franchise. This rivalry between Autobots and Decepticons dates back thousands of years, and that is why it had so much material to show, as Optimus Prime asks his troops to roll out.

Get Transformers Action Figures from GENERATION 1

The first generation of Transformers comes from Hasbro. It was a co-production between Marvel and Sunbow Productions. Generation 1 has four seasons and 98 chapters in it. It with “More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1” and ended with “The Rebirth, Part 3”. In addition to an OVA and a movie between season 2 and 3. Sin Without a doubt, this saga became one of the cult series of the Transformers universe.

Transformers Action Toys from MASTERFORCE

After the successful co-production with Transformers: Generation 1, Japan decided to start its animated series. The previous one, Headmasters, was simply a spin-off. The story begins after the movie that aired after the third season. It reached 42 episodes with Rise Pretenders, and the curtain came down with “You Too Use the Master force to Transform.” Check out the Transformers Action Figures for sale.

Transformers Action Figures from CYBERTRON

Transformers come to life with computerized technology, humans, and locations with traditional animated techniques. The story begins with the exile of the Cybertron Autobots and their arrival on our planet. The series had 51 chapters divided into 4 historical arches. It began with “Fallen” and ended the same year with “Beginning.”

Transformers Action Toys from BEAST WARS

A production of Canada and the U.S.A. It was in the same universe as the original Transformers: Generation 1 but raised in the future. At this time, the descendants of the Autobots called themselves Maximal, and the leader was Optimus Primal. In addition, the descendants of the Decepticons were the Predacons, led by Megatron.

Transformers Action Toys from BEAST MACHINES

It is a sequel to Transformers: Beast Wars as it left a very open ending. One of the few series that took shape entirely by computer animation. It continued when Optimus Primal, Rattrap, Cheetor, and Blackarachnia arrived at Cybertron without knowing how.

Two seasons of 26 chapters. The broadcast began with “The Reformatting” and with “Endgame Part III: Seeds of The Future.” This anime is essentially a part of the Transformers: Generation 1 series timeline. Therefore, we had Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Prowl, Scourge, Ironhide, Mirage, etc. Unlike their mother series, here they had to design more Decepticons, more enemies.

Transformers Action Figures from ANIMATED

Another co-production between the U.S. and Japan. During its course, the series fits into Michael Bay’s live-action film Transformers. It was also the return of an acquaintance from the Transformers universe, Marty Isenberg.  With 42 episodes, and a 3-episode special in a row called “Transform and Roll Out” with “Endgame Part 2”.

Transformers Action Toys from: CYBER MISSIONS

The first web series of the franchise. Hasbro’s official site developed 13 chapters related to the Transformers movie universe. It falls between Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. This series follows the Autobots’ fight against the Decepticons with the help of the N.E.S.T. (Non-biological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty) this sector of government that we saw collaborating in the film.

Transformers Action Toys from PRIME

For many, the best series of Transformers. All CGI animation and music is by renowned artist Brian Tyler (Rambo, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, etc.). Peter Cullen made the voice of Optimus Prime. With 65 episodes and 3 seasons, Transformers: Prime started with a film that closes the story. The film named “Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising.” Incredible series!

Which series did you like the most? In addition, do not miss the Transformers Action Figures for sale online.


The Most Expensive Transformers Action Figures Toy Lines

Action figures are toy figurines with movable features and are commonly composed of plastic. Usually, these figurines have inspirations based on various characters of comic books, movies, military, video games, or television programs (either fictional or real). The main target of action figures were boys and adult collectors and introduced back in 1964. While targeted as toys, these action figures have gained widespread popularity as collector’s items—various popular characters like Thunder cats, Masters of the Universe, G.I.Joe, and Ghost busters, etc. gained worldwide popularity among collectors. Transformers action figures are also one of the most noticeable toys that have garnered a cult following and a massive fan base. 

Since their introduction, Transformers action toys have become a fan favorite and one of the most expensive toy lines for collectors. Let us look at some of the most costly Transformers action figures for sale today.

Most Expensive Transformers Toys       

Hot Spot Protectbot

The story of Protectbots is that they were members of a failed colony that went into stasis lock. Found and brought to Earth by Omega Supreme and gained the ability to form a large bot consisting of all five members. Hot Spot was the leader’s name that took much of its cues from Autobot’s Optimus Prime. The 1968 Takara/Hasbro diecast sells at a whopping $1,100 on online sales, which rarely happens. Hot Spot is one of the rarest among Transformers action toys.


Galvatron is a perfect example of collectability vs. value introduced as a tie-in with Transformers movies (live-action and animated). Galvatron is a less rare piece as compared to other Transformers action figures but with higher demand. The price of mint condition, in-box piece of Galvatron, goes for almost $2000 on sale, making it one of the most expensive action figures.

G1 Black Zarak (Japanese)

This rare Transformers action figure only appeared in Japanese media and made its debut with Super-God Masterforce. This series first coined the term GPS, which refers to “Gold Plastic Syndrome.” The toys in this category used to become brittle with time, even if remained unopened or untouched. A figure withstands GPS conditions will fetch more, but the toy’s standard price tag goes to $1,147.

G1 Beastforce Liokaiser

Another Japanese exclusive character. Liokaiser is a combined robotic form of Beastforce, soldiers under the command of Deathsaurus, the Emperor of Decepticons. The thing that makes this Transformer action figure expensive and popular is that it is a collection of six Beastforce members. They all transform on their own and make the mighty Liokaiser when combined. A complete collection of this figurine goes for $1,200, according to rarity.

Beast Wars Optimus Primal Prototype

The cartoon series Beastwars: Transformers ran for 1996-1999, replacing tanks and vehicles with animals (and dinosaurs). Their leader was Optimus Primal. The prototype Optimus Primal became rare because only four remain in existence. A bare white prototype within the packaging goes on sale for over $1,250 online.

G1 Soundwave

The G1 series will always remain expensive and valuable, with the 1984 G1 Soundwave as the most costly Transformer action figure on sale today. A mint-condition, box packed piece goes for $2,549 for collector’s edition. The piece even has professional toy grading for collectors graded for 80 out of 100. The piece comes in UV protected sealing.

Priceless Figures

Besides all these valuable and expensive toys, the two priceless pieces of the Transformers action figure toy line are Optimus Prime (Chrome G4TV Prize) and Optimus Prime (Botcon Door Prize). You cannot find these pieces other than the ones who own them. These pieces contain real metal chrome not found in any other toys, which makes them valuable.