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2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Hobby Box


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Each Box contains Three Hits, including Autographs, Relics, Manufactured Patches and/or 3-D Lenticulars! Find Ten Splash of Colors High Series SP’s or Goudey Cards and Seven Mini Cards!

Look for Shohei Ohtani Autographs!

NEW! Genuine Heroes Signatures featuring autographs from Brenda Berkman (NYC’s first woman firefighter) and Dakota Meyer (Medal of Honor recipient), among other true heroes.

NEW! Participate in Goodwin’s 1 st Bounty Mission by collecting the 20-card Splash of Color Bounty Lenticular Variant set and earn unbelievable achievement cards.

Sports Royalty Autographs Return! Featuring dual on-card autographs from the finest athletes in the world.

National Parks & World Traveler Map Relics Return!

Canine Companions Patches Return! Broken into 6 tiers with various seeding ratios.

Goodwin Masterpieces Art of the Ages Return! Featuring 1 of 1 painted art cards of some of the world’s most famous works of art.

NEW! Find Museum Collection Aviation Relics cards featuring swatches from historic memorabilia items including a USAAF 1944 Type-11 helmet used during World War II.

NEW! Grab Franklin D. Roosevelt Museum Collection Presidential Legacy Relics cards featuring swatches from a personally-owned gifted wooden box commemorating his visit to the 1933 World’s Fair.

NEW! Genuine Heroes Signatures featuring autographs from Israel Del Toro, Brenda Berkman, Sergeant John McLouglin, Maggie MacDonnell, among other true heroes.

NEW! Find Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book illustration relic cards from publications dating back to 1968, 1950 & 1894, as well as the ultra-rate sketch booklet cards.

1st GOODWIN CHAMPIONS BOUNTY MISSION: Collect the 20-card Splash of Color 3D Lenticular Bounty set and redeem on www.upperdeckbounty.com to earn unbelievable achievement cards. Just wait until you find out what the achievement cards are!


Hard-Signed Autographed Cards & Cut Signatures:

– Genuine Heroes Signatures – 1:320
– Goodwin Autographs – 1:52
– Goodwin Inscribed Autographs – Varied Hand #ing
– Goodwin Splash of Color Autographs – 1:1280
– Goudy Autographs – 1:480
– Goudy Sports Royalty Autographs -1:8000
– Goudey Sport Royalty Dual Autographs – 1:25000
– Goodwin Cut Signatures – #’d 1-of-1
– Museum Collection Presidential Legacy FDR Cut Signature Relic – #’d 1-of-1
– When Robot’s Rule the World Lenticular 3D Artist Autographs

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