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Calibre Wings Ocean Low Pass Diorama Base





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Calibre Wings 1:72 Aircraft Ocean Low Pass Diorama Base

Features of Calibre Wings:
  • 1/72 Scale
  • Collectible
  • This painted resin display base includes a clear acrylic post to support the model while separate pieces of cotton wool can be shaped and positioned to convincingly represent water spray being kicked up by the aircraft.
  • This stand is produced by Calibre Wings for their own 1:72 F-14s and was not designed to fit similar models from other manufacturers.
  • The stand neck has a white plastic cap that supports the model between the engine tunnels and keys into the centerline slots provided for the AIM-7 missiles.
  • This piece will not fit a Century Wings, JC Wings or Hobby Master F-14 without modification


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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 3.7 in