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EzyDog Click & Adjust Dog Car Restraint


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Click & Adjust Dog Car Restraint
A simple to use restraint to keep your pup in one position while preventing driver distraction. Just click it into a car’s seat belt buckle receiver and clip the snap hook to your pup’s EzyDog Harness.
Fully adjustable from 17.5 – 26 inches.
Compatable with all EzyDog dog harnasses
Click It! Dog Seat Belt.
Harness your dog with the adjustable dog seat belt restraint matched with our EzyDog QuickFit Dog Harness.
So what are you waiting for? Make your pups trip in the car safe today!

Not for use in Volvo brand automobiles.

Caution: This product is designed to be used with the EzyDog Harness to prevent driver distraction and restrain the dog to one position in the vehicle. In the event of a car accident it may not prevent injury to the passengers or your dog. Inspect attachment for wear or abrasion. Do not use if damaged.

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