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EzyDog QUICK FIT Medium Blaze Orange DOG HARNESS


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EzyDog QUICK FIT DOG HARNESS  Medium Blaze Orange

One-Click of the buckle and you’re ready to go!
HIDDEN SIZE ADJUSTMENT Underneath Padded Neoprene Sleeve! Slide away from tag to adjust.
The neoprene chest strap sleeve gives extra comfort
Reflective stitching enhances nighttime visibility
The stainless steel ring is a secure anchor for leashes
Adjustable straps ensure a comfortable, secure fit
An ID clip to securely attach your dog’s ID tags

Whether you’re looking for a sport dog harness that’s quick and easy to fit, or more safety for an athletic pooch, or anything in between, the Quick Fit™ Harness is an ideal solution.
Some of the Quick Fit™ Harness biggest fans are Flyballers! The Quick Fit™ Harness from EzyDog is the preferred flyball harness for the extreme sport enthusiast.
When your dogs are raring to go, don’t waste time and energy trying to maneuver them into uncomfortable, complicated harnesses.
Just click them into the Quick Fit™ harness and start enjoying the great outdoors together! Don’t forget to pair your harness up with an EzyDog dog leash!

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