Transformer Toys

When it comes to talking about the best toy merchandise, the first one that comes to our mind is transformer toys. They became a massive hit when they came back into the media after the 1980s. Transformer toys give a nostalgic feeling when you look at them in several series, action feature films, comics, and other stuff.

The fact is that the era of transformer toys never ended in real. The production of these toys was ongoing. This year the studios are producing even more sophisticated and sweet robots in the form of transformer toys.

Let us read on to explore more about the latest trend of transformer toys.


The Transformer Studio Series

The Transformer Studio Series was revealed two years back in 2018. Studio Series was launched at the New York Toy Fair. The purpose was dedicated as a celebration of ten or more years of action-filled films. Transformer Studio Series presented several characters from the action films.

The size of each transformer toy is relative to the other toy in the series. The backdrop for each toy in the Studio Series is similar to their respective prominent scene from the movies. Bumblebee, Deception Stinger, Shatter from Plymouth, Autobot Drift from Age of Extinction are some of the featured characters of the Studio Series.

The transformer studio series is divided into the following classes:

  • Leader Class
  • Voyager Class
  • Deluxe Class

Nevertheless, there are some exclusive packs of transformer toys. Some of the transformer toys in these packs never got the chance to appear in the market due to unexplored reasons.


Transformer Devastator

The gigantic transformer toy has to be a transformer devastator. It is a combination of two or more characters in a series. Transformer Devastator is the heaviest and most huge of all the other four characters. It is said that Devastator is made up of defective fusion.

What I mean is

This character has rage and pain in its mind. There is a special component attached to its mouth. It is said that anything that comes close to the mouth of the devastator can be crushed due to the Vortex Grinder’s Artificial Black Hole in the mouth of the Transformer Devastator.



Constructicon is a master subgroup of several characters that together form a team. They come from the Unicorn Trilogy Continuity Family.

The main characters forming the Constructicon Universe are:

  • Bonecrusher
  • Hightower
  • Long Haul
  • Scavenger
  • Quickmix
  • Buckethead

These six transformer toys come in dark black and purple colors and are one of the most prominent groups among the toy line.


Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is another fierce character from the Transformers. Optimus is the leader of all the Autobots. They are the rivals of the Deceptions. Many actors have portrayed this character.

This robot is referred to be a member of the Dynasty of Primes. Optimus Prime is often known by the title “The Last Prime”. It is believed that this robot was the last member of the primes.

The robot is known for its moral character, leadership, decision-making skills, attitude, and power. Optimus Prime renamed itself to “Orion Pax”.

Optimus Prime is known for gathering everyone under one flag and fighting against the rivalries with sheer dignity and respect.


The Final Word

These modern versions of Robots in the Transformers line are made for grown-ups. They are designed most accurately. You can get these incredible transformer toys from However, they are a bit pricy but are worth buying because, in return, you will get tons of weapons, features, and exciting things to explore.