Action figures are toy figurines with movable features and are commonly composed of plastic. Usually, these figurines have inspirations based on various characters of comic books, movies, military, video games, or television programs (either fictional or real). The main target of action figures were boys and adult collectors and introduced back in 1964. While targeted as toys, these action figures have gained widespread popularity as collector’s items—various popular characters like Thunder cats, Masters of the Universe, G.I.Joe, and Ghost busters, etc. gained worldwide popularity among collectors. Transformers action figures are also one of the most noticeable toys that have garnered a cult following and a massive fan base. 

Since their introduction, Transformers action toys have become a fan favorite and one of the most expensive toy lines for collectors. Let us look at some of the most costly Transformers action figures for sale today.

Most Expensive Transformers Toys       

Hot Spot Protectbot

The story of Protectbots is that they were members of a failed colony that went into stasis lock. Found and brought to Earth by Omega Supreme and gained the ability to form a large bot consisting of all five members. Hot Spot was the leader’s name that took much of its cues from Autobot’s Optimus Prime. The 1968 Takara/Hasbro diecast sells at a whopping $1,100 on online sales, which rarely happens. Hot Spot is one of the rarest among Transformers action toys.


Galvatron is a perfect example of collectability vs. value introduced as a tie-in with Transformers movies (live-action and animated). Galvatron is a less rare piece as compared to other Transformers action figures but with higher demand. The price of mint condition, in-box piece of Galvatron, goes for almost $2000 on sale, making it one of the most expensive action figures.

G1 Black Zarak (Japanese)

This rare Transformers action figure only appeared in Japanese media and made its debut with Super-God Masterforce. This series first coined the term GPS, which refers to “Gold Plastic Syndrome.” The toys in this category used to become brittle with time, even if remained unopened or untouched. A figure withstands GPS conditions will fetch more, but the toy’s standard price tag goes to $1,147.

G1 Beastforce Liokaiser

Another Japanese exclusive character. Liokaiser is a combined robotic form of Beastforce, soldiers under the command of Deathsaurus, the Emperor of Decepticons. The thing that makes this Transformer action figure expensive and popular is that it is a collection of six Beastforce members. They all transform on their own and make the mighty Liokaiser when combined. A complete collection of this figurine goes for $1,200, according to rarity.

Beast Wars Optimus Primal Prototype

The cartoon series Beastwars: Transformers ran for 1996-1999, replacing tanks and vehicles with animals (and dinosaurs). Their leader was Optimus Primal. The prototype Optimus Primal became rare because only four remain in existence. A bare white prototype within the packaging goes on sale for over $1,250 online.

G1 Soundwave

The G1 series will always remain expensive and valuable, with the 1984 G1 Soundwave as the most costly Transformer action figure on sale today. A mint-condition, box packed piece goes for $2,549 for collector’s edition. The piece even has professional toy grading for collectors graded for 80 out of 100. The piece comes in UV protected sealing.

Priceless Figures

Besides all these valuable and expensive toys, the two priceless pieces of the Transformers action figure toy line are Optimus Prime (Chrome G4TV Prize) and Optimus Prime (Botcon Door Prize). You cannot find these pieces other than the ones who own them. These pieces contain real metal chrome not found in any other toys, which makes them valuable. 

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