Choose the best kids board games that you like the most to enjoy with your family. Board games are a perfect option to spend family time, as most require the participation of multiple players. In addition, kids board games report numerous benefits for the little ones’ cognitive development since they stimulate logical and mathematical thinking, memory, and concentration. These games help kids to be more patient and learn to deal with frustration. Therefore, buy kids board games as a perfect gift for Christmas or a birthday! 

Many of us know, board games for kids are always highly recommended. They are usually educational board games since they help in many aspects of children’s learning. 

Among the positive aspects they have are:

  • Kids learn to follow some rules and respect them.
  • Some games require analytical skills.
  • They improve cooperation.
  • Memory and concentration work.
  • They develop decision-making skills.
  • It helps thBpoaem tolerate frustration.

The Best Kids Board Games To Enjoy With Your Family


Dobble is highly entertaining skill kids board games that is for children over six years old. Each participant must match their cards, so reaction speed, reflexes, focused attention, and observation are critical. Whoever manages to complete their pairs wins first. The game includes 55 cards and more than 50 symbols with different combinations that can play tricks on players. It is elementary and convenient to transport since the letters are in a small metal case, so it is ideal for taking with you on the go.

Story Cubes

Does your child like to make up stories? We bet you will hit the target with this simple dice game. This entertaining game has 9 dice, each with 6 images, a total of 54 different figures that can give rise to more than 10 million combinations. The game is that each player must roll the dice and, based on the 9 images that have come out, must tell a coherent story. Without a doubt, it is a game that stimulates improvisation, inventiveness, imagination, and mental agility.

Jungle Speed

 It is one of the best kids board games of skills and reflexes recommended for children over 7 years old. The set includes a wooden totem, 80 cards, instructions, and a bag to carry it. The game is to get rid of the cards as quickly as possible. They must pair with their counterparts. To win the game, players who have a pair of cards must get the totem in the center. Whoever reaches the fastest can pass part of their cards to the other player. Whoever runs out of cards first wins?

Monopoly Junior

This game is a summarized version of the traditional Monopoly. It boasts a design that the little ones at home can also play without getting too complicated. The set includes a board, chips, and instructions where the rules and procedures are there for players in detail. It has been designed for children over 5 years old and accommodates between 2 and 4 players, making it perfect for enjoying with the family. Also, it has a travel format, making it very comfortable transport it when you are traveling. Click to buy kid’s board games here.


If you are looking for a strategy game where children can display all their scheming and skills, this is the perfect option. The game begins when each player rolls the dice and collects different materials that is for building towns and cities. Each game is different because the board can be changed and adapted at different levels of complexity. It is suitable for children aging 10 years or more and between three and four players per game.

Ghost Blitz

It is an ideal board game for kids to promote concentration and visual speed. The product is for children over 8 years old and includes a set with cards and paired items. 2 to 8 participants can play it, which makes it a perfect for promoting socialization. In practice, players will have to match their cards with the objects or colors they have represented. When there are no matches, they should opt precisely for the objects that do not fit the description. It is also a perfect set to take with you on the go.

We are sure you are ready and excited to buy kids board games! 

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